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Now you can surf the web faster, much faster, by adding our High Speed Dial service.  Simply sign up for one of our regular dialup plans, and then download the High Speed Dial software.


You will see most regular web pages come in 5x to 7x faster!

Just watch these two monitors below to see the speed difference.



How Does HSD Work?

Your modem is the bottleneck for your Internet experience.  It only receives 56K of data at a time.  If there was a way to deliver a web page to you by sending much less bytes over the modem, we could drastically speed up your web experience.  And now we can!

Computers today are hundreds of times more powerful then they were just ten years ago.  By taking advantage of all that extra processing power, we use the following five techniques to take a stream of 70,000 bytes and reduce it to as little as 10,000 bytes.

  • Text Compression:  Lossless HTTP 1.1 compression encoding of plain text, HTML, CSS and javascript
  • Image Compression:  Lossy compression of JPG and GIF images in browser renderable format (with little or no visible effect)
  • Caching:  Integrated content caching with several configuration options - First In First Out, Least Recently Used, Modified Least Recently Used, Least Frequently Used and Modified Least Frequently Used
  • TCP Multiplexing:  Efficient use of TCP sessions for simultaneous requests to common web servers
  • Persistent Connections:  Minimize impact of TCP Slow Start and other TCP characteristics that impact transfer efficiency 

What does High Speed Dial Cost?

$4.95/month or pre-pay for the year for $49.95/year (you save 20%). 

And, we provide you the HSD for the first 14 days completely FREE.


Okay, you've sold me on it.  How do I order HSD?

If you are already a Prairie Online customer, just email us This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it and we can set you up.

If you are not Prairie Online customer, become a member and then you can order the service.


Frequency Asked Questions 


Q: I live on a farm several KMs from town.  Will HSD work for me?

A: Yes! HSD works no matter how far away you are from the community.  In fact, HSD is a great technology for rural customers because it is the only High Speed technology that can provide 100% coverage to an area.


Q: I am currently getting 52,333bps.  What will I get with HSD?

A: HSD does not affect this number.  What HSD does is give you 5 to 7 lanes of traffic all running at 52,333bps instead of your current single lane traffic.

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