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Tuesday, 25 April 2006

Mail is the default email program in Apple's new OS X operating system.

To configure your email account in Mail in OS X:

  • Open the Mail program from the Dock
  • Click Mail and select Preferences from the menu
  • Select Accounts from the options across the top of the window, then select the Create Account button
  • Change the Account Type to: POP Account
  • Description: Type anything you like to help you identify this account
  • Email Address: Type your full email address here
  • Full Name: Type your name here
  • Host Name: The name of the mail server is
  • User Name: Type the first part of your email address here (everything before the @ symbol)
  • Password: Type your email password here
  • SMTP Host: The name of the SMTP server is

(SMTP Host should be the last entry you make on this screen. The checkbox to use authentication when sending mail, and the fields for SMTP User and SMTP Password should be left blank.)

  • Select the tab that says Account Options
  • Put a checkmark in the box for Delete messages on server after downloading
  • You should see the alert message shown below. Click OK. (If you do not delete the messages on the server after they are downloaded, your mailbox will eventually fill up and people will no longer be able to send you any new email until it is emptied. This option will clear the mailbox on the server every time you successfully download your email messages to your mail program.)

  • Click OK to exit from the Account Options window
  • You should see the descriptive name you entered earlier in the list
  • Click the red Close button to finish the configuration


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