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Tuesday, 25 April 2006
Go to the Start button, click on Settings and then click on Control Panel.

In the Control Panel find Internet Options ...the icons are in alphabetical order...and then double click on Internet Options.

Now it says starting Home Page Address...just press the Backspace key; that will blank out what is there and let's type in At the bottom press the Apply button. At the top click on the Connections tab.

In the white box, do you have any entries in there or is it blank? If you have entries let's remove them. Select it and them click on the Remove button. Say Yes you are sure to want to delete it.

Is the white box blank? Yes, good. Now click on the SETUP button...this will start up the Internet Setup Wizard.

You want the third choice "I want to setup my connection Manually", click on that and press Next.

Select "I connect using phone line and modem"press NEXT.

Now it should be asking you for the Phone Number. Put your cursor in the phone number field and type in Modem Number. Underneath the phone number field there is a checkmark in a box; go ahead and remove the checkmark. That will grey out all the other fields (such as area code and country). Press Next.

Now type in your username. Remember it's all small letters and no spaces. Then, click in the password field and type in your password. Again no spaces, small letters. Press Next.

It says "Connection to 123-4567" Go ahead and blank that out and replace it with Prairie Online. Press Next.

It should be asking "Do you want to setup a mail account now?" Say Yes to that and press Next.

  Did it found an existing mail account? Select "Create a new mail account" and press Next.

(Now go to standard Outlook Express setup.)

Click Finish

Note due to Microsoft discontinuing support on Windows ME , Prairie online will offer limited support on this operating system

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