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Monday, 29 November 2010

Windows 7 Setup Guide





Go to the START button and click on CONTROL PANEL





Click on NETWORK and INTERNET (Category View)



In Control Panel, find INTERNET OPTIONS and double click on it





Erase the homepage address, and type in

Then click on Settings in the Browsing history section below.



On this screen, please type in 1000 in the white box bellow. Click okay.

Click on apply at the bottom right of the screen. At the top of the window, click on CONNECTIONS.






In the white box, remove and entries you no longer use. Select the first one and then click

on the Remove button. You will be asked 'Are sure to want to delete this, select Yes.

Do this with each of the entries until the box is blank.

You may be prompted by a window saying Windows Requires

Your Permission click the Continue button. Now click on the Setup button.

This will start up the New Connection Wizard.




Click once on Dial-up




On this screen, type in the Dial-up phone number
. Next, type in your username in small letters, no spaces.

Type in the password you were given. Again, make sure it is in small letters and no spaces.

Under the password, double check there is a checkmark beside Remember this password .

In the connection name field, enter in Prairie Online. Put a space between Prairie and Online.

Once the information is entered, Click CREATE or CONNECT 



On this screen simply click Close.





 Okay. So now we're done setting up the connection.

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